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Pan Fried Salmon, Farfalle, Rocket and Cherry Tomatoes

Salmon with farfalle, cherry tomatoes and rocket

It is May, which is International Mediterranean Diet Month. If you live in Kuala Lumpur (or any other major city in Malaysia) then luckily nowadays it’s not too difficult to have access to the ingredients that you need to cook Mediterranean style food. There are also more and more fresh local products available in the supermarkets, especially in Jaya Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer (BIG), AEON and Tesco. These Mediterranean fruit and vegetables only need to travel a short distance from Genting Highlands to Kuala Lumpur, so they have a small carbon footprint, and buying local products also means that you can get fresher and more affordable products at the same time. As a personal trainer in Kuala Lumpur, I see more and more of my clients and friends incorporating these healthy and delicious products into their diet every day.

This pan-fried salmon with farfalle, cherry tomatoes and rocket has only 5 ingredients, is easy and fast to prepare, and will cost you only around 20 ringgit.

It provides you with about 45g of protein, and is high in vitamins A and C. You can also prepare this meal ahead of time and take it with you to your workplace, keep it in the fridge and warm it up in the microwave. Of course, it’s always better to eat fresh where possible, but if you live in a busy city like Kuala Lumpur and you’re passionate about fitness and eating healthy food, then meal prep can really help you to stick to a healthy diet whilst also saving time and money. I highly recommend this dish to endurance athletes, and to those who live an active lifestyle and visit the gym often. If you’re a smaller person or someone who wants to lose weight, then this recipe will probably provide enough for two portions (or just store it and save the leftovers for another meal). Salmon is super high in protein and the farfalle provides you with the necessary carbohydrates essential to keep up your energy during a workout.

Ingredients for 1 big or 2 small persons:

  1. 100 g Cherry tomatoes RM2.50

  2. 240 g, Farfalle, Cooked RM1.10

  3. Big Handful of Rocket Leaves (Arugula) RM1.50

  4. 2 tbsp, Extra Virgin Olive Oil RM1.10

  5. 150 grams, Salmon Block (I remove and discard the skin after cooking to cut the fat intake) RM14

  6. Salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Put on a big pot of water on with a tablespoon of salt and bring it to boil (while you’re waiting for this you can proceed with the steps below).

  2. Once the water boils, cook the pasta according to the package instruction.

  3. Wash the cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves and set aside.

  4. Cut tomatoes into half and prepare the freshly squeezed juice of lemon.

  5. Wash the salmon and dry it with a paper towel and leave it on the side before cooking it. (It cooks faster and more evenly when it’s not too cold). Just before cooking it season it with salt and pepper.

  6. In a non-stick pan heat 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil and add the salmon.

  7. Depending on the thickness it can take 2-5 minutes to cook.

  8. Flip halfway. (Note: if you’re cooking a thick slice of salmon fillet then preheat an oven first to 200 degrees, seal the salmon in the pan and finish it in the oven.)

  9. After you turn off the heat add a squeeze of lemon juice to it and drain the excess fat on a paper towel before serving it.

  10. Once your pasta is cooked drain it and add half a table spoon of olive oil, the cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves and lemon juice to your taste.

  11. Mix everything together.

  12. Serve it with the salmon immediately or let it cool and keep it in the fridge for up to 3 days. Enjoy!

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